Ready to join the right place?

The journey started back in 2014, when some of the greatest minds in gaming came together with the same vision – to create an extraordinary experience for both players and partners.

We provide a fully segmented, real time data approach that it tailored to the target audience, which in turn provides an enhanced experience that is then applied to our multi-brand strategy.

We started on a luxurious ship, then took it back to being simple spinning and then we took to the skies – we can’t wait for what’s to come next!

Our values


The building blocks of success starts with the people like you who are enthusiastic, driven and passionate about everything you do, right down into the finer details. We succeed each and every time because we do it together!


We encourage being honest and open with feedback, to sound off with new ideas and throw in your two cents because everyone is a secret genius in one way or another!


We lead the way with the highest level of service ever seen, we use our eagle eyes and experience to drive and maintain our levels of quality, above and beyond what anyone else has ever achieved.


This is found inside our hearts, not just with our products and technological advances because we know that it applies to not only what we do and how we do it, but also who we are!


There is no better experience than a personalised experience, and we strive to provide this level of entertainment consistently, to every single one of our customers.

Real Time

We stay responsive rather than reactive, which allows us to look forward and stay ahead of the game!


We know what our customers want and we bring it to them in the way that they want but this is not the only key ingredient to experience. We know what makes our employees tick and we feed that drive and passion in a multitude of ways!